What is Gentle Weight Loss?

Gentle Weight Loss is a healthy way for children who are obese to lose weight.

Very slow weight loss with long term maintenance

Savoring food rather than fearing it

Eating food only when you are hungry and only until you are satiated

Self respect rather than self abuse

Understanding the brains response to food

Gentle Weight Loss is part of the anti-diet movement.  Leaders in the movement like Geneen Roth and co-authors Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch call it Mindful or Intuitive Eating.  It is based on the premise that the unhealthy cycle of emotional eating, guilt, and berating oneself leads only to irrational food restriction, negativity, unhappiness, and fuels another cycle of despair, self hatred, and giving up.  Dieting is the opposite of gentle weight loss. Dieting creates unrealistic boundaries and rigid rules.  Dieting puts people in categories:  Fat or Skinny, Good or Bad, In Control or Out Of Control.

Gentle Weight Loss is a healthy way for children who are obese to lose weight.  It cares about the mind first and the body follows.  It focuses on a childs strengths, not weaknesses.  It teaches children to listen to and respond to their bodies needs.  It helps them understand and work through emotions, not run away from them.

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