Indonesian Spa Offers Unusual Massages

There are now lots of products and treatments available to individuals who suffer muscle and joint pain. Whereas in the past, only rudimentary interventions were offered, there is now an array of possibilities on offer.

For example, people suffering muscle pain can use hand held massage machine devices to alleviate their symptoms. Hand held massager products can significantly boost consumers’ quality of life, and it is simple to buy these items over the web.

However, it seems as though some people prefer more unusual massages. The Metro has revealed that an establishment in Indonesia uses snakes to provide massages to its customers. The Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta utilises pythons. The treatments involve several pythons, which are placed on people’s bodies.

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The movement of these creatures and the adrenaline triggered by fear is said to have a positive effect on the human metabolism.

Meanwhile, consumers stump up the equivalent of around £30 for the privilege of having the snakes twist and slither on them.

The Metro pointed out that all the reptiles used in the treatments are said to be non-venomous. It added: “People are apparently queuing up for the unconventional therapy. But it’s not a patch on Israel’s Barak’s Spa which not only offers snake massages but also places scampering mice and rats on people’s feet to help relieve the stresses of the day.”

Of course, most people would do anything to avoid coming into contact with snakes, mice and rats, meaning these massages are likely to remain very much a niche market. More traditional massages are much more popular.

However, even these treatments have their drawbacks. For example, for people suffering from chronic medical complaints, the cost of these sessions can really start to mount up. Many consumers are feeling the financial pinch at present, so the last thing they want to do is repeatedly shell out for massages.

Also, having to travel to massage service providers can be inconvenient. Busy individuals may simply not have the time to attend these sessions on a regular basis.

The good news for people in situations like these is, there is a more cost-effective and handy alternative. Rather than paying for massages time and again, they can invest in a hand held electric massager. Once they have bought the item, they are free to use it whenever they wish.

These products can be used all over the body and they are particularly effective at targeting joint and muscle pain. People often like to take advantage of the massage systems in the evenings shortly before they head to bed. By relaxing their muscles and targeting any pain they feel, they can boost the likelihood that they will get a decent night’s sleep.

Meanwhile, as long as they take good care of the massagers, they should stand the test of time. Therefore, these products can represent impressive value for money. To check out their options, consumers can head online. This is often the quickest and easiest way to buy the items.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who contributes regularly to a wide range of consumer and lifestyle sites, including Niagara Therapy.

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