Your Nutrition and vitamins

Your Nutrition and vitamins

Hi, Rita again here. By the way I really interest in J. Lance Curtis’s said. He is editor and contributor to The Nutrition Guru! It is worth to understand about nutrition and vitamins. Do you really need these ? Sometime people reviewing the choices at discount store, right? What is the effect of price to your health? Do you know that? Okay let’s read below.

As it impacts your health, the quality of your vitamin supplement cannot be overemphasized. Costing more, a vitamin and mineral supplement that uses the highest and best ingredients within a manufacturing process that is pharmaceutical grade is the only one to consider for your health. Reviewing the choices at a discount store can be very misleading. Cheap prices could mean low-quality ingredients or an unsafe manufacturing facility that produces fast output for humans one day and for horses the next.

It is amusing to watch how quickly dietary supplement manufacturers add the latest “miracle” nutrient to a pill. One week you hear on the news about some discovery in the Amazon jungle and proven by the Mayo Clinic to cure death itself. Then, within mere weeks, the “major” brands have this nutrient in its product. Then the marketing hype really hits high gear. But what is rarely told is how much of this miraculous compound is actually in their product, or how much is really needed by the body to begin with.

Search for companies that include efficacious amounts of the active ingredients (efficacious means enough to have the desired effect) within their product.The quality of the raw materials is crucial as well. Many companies use cheap, less reliable plant material to create their supplements. The active ingredient within each individual plant varies according to amount of sunlight, rain, and soil quality.

The highest quality supplements come from standardized herbal extracts. The exact amount of the active ingredient is known every time and so a product can be made to precise standards of quality and effectiveness.

Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is less desirable than getting what you need from your diet. Because nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. vary from food to food, using an online meal planner can make a difficult task very easy.

Well, now you have the capability to suggest what foods you need to balance your diet. See you in the next articles. Keep stay tune.

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