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Skin is the largest organ of the body that eliminates the toxin through the skin pores and thus carries out a vital bodily function that is essential for healthy living. So it always best to follow a daily skin care routine because this is the only way that you can have good skin health and an excellent complexion too. It is quite necessary to maintain a healthy skin and follow a daily cleansing ritual as the oily glands secrete Sebum that provide elasticity and shine to the skin and are located in the skin and any blockage in the skin pores will stop their secretion due to clogged pores. Like all your body organs your skin also requires the good nutrients that are water, Vitamins, proteins and fatty acids for proper y metabolic functions.

Different people have different skins and they should treat it using different products but the normal cleansing routine of the skin is the same .The best way to treat the skin problems is the Ayurvedic way because Ayurveda provides you the answer to all your skin problems. The basic concept in the Ayurcvedic treatment is that you need to recognize your skin type and then use the appropriate skin products.

Once people come to know the type of skin they have it becomes quite easy to follows the cleansing and toning routine in the proper way that will help improve the condition of your skin and make it glow and shine.

According to Ayurvedic ways Vata is a skin type that has turned dry due to imbalance and has become thin and transparent and you can see a grayish and bluish hue in your skin and this is all due to the fact that there are quite minimal number f capillaries in your skin which dampens their brightness. And so the skin under the eyes and forehead darkens and wrinkles form’s faster and it also causes discoloration.

The best Ayurvedic skin care treatment is to oil your dry skin as it surely helps your skin and the necessary herbs and minerals that will resolve the issue are used to protect the skin against the harmful effects .Dry skin should be kept nourished by keeping it warm and moisturized and also to increase the fat content in your diet.