Healthworld Aquatics

Healthworld Aquatics

HealthWorld Aquatics, when it comes to results, no one in the city can offer you services like we can! One of our most popular seasonal services are SWIM LESSONS and TRAINING. Our swim instructors are all experienced swimmers and have been instructors for multiple years. Why pay these expensive swim schools all your money when you can pay our instructors to come out to you. Have your swim lesson right in the comforts of your own home never having to leave. We teach from ages 6 months to adults. Do you have a pool and little kids and want them to learn to be safe around the water?! Or have kids in the Boys and Girls Scout? We teach survival strokes and techniques as well! FEARS OF THE WATER AND APPREHENSIVENESS are totally acceptable. We can help you get over your fear of water. We have SEVERAL different packages to choose from to satisfy any of your aquatic needs!!


SWIM PRO (7-11) (Just starting swim team type kids)

OLYMPIA (7-12) (Been on a competitive swim team for 1+ years)

HIGH SCHOOL TEAM – (Kids trying to make the high school swim team)

STROKE CONCENTRATION – (wants to work on a specific stroke)

SWIM TRAINER (training for a triathlon, swim competition ect)

NO FEAR PROGRAM (Getting over the fear of water)

ADULT MASTERS TEAM (Adults trying to make or get better on a masters team)

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