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Health Security America:

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Dr. Bannister talks to Ben Merens
on Wisconsin Public Radio 6/5/06

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"We are the government, you and I." —Theodore Roosevelt

Fixing the health care crisis

Welcome to the web site that showcases Health Security America: Fixing the health care crisis, the health plan written by Dr. Fred Bannister.

The book describes in detailed fashion a specific roadmap to the three goals of the Health Security America plan.

    1. Affordable, available health care insurance from birth to death.
    2. Free health insurance for everyone under nineteen years of age
    3. Everything funded by the insurance plan’s premiums—not the government budget.

All of this in a single payer, universal care context, with the promise of up to 50% lower cost than that of our current health care system.

The roadmap is easy to follow, though detailed, since much needs to be fixed in our current health care system to make the next one work. It will not be easy, but the remedies are clear. How citizens will govern and lead the plan is presented in terms people of all walks of life can understand.

Read on and you will see how physicians will change the way they do business, how all patients will take on new responsibilities both in governing the plan and in making personal health decisions, and finally how hospitals will function not as profit centers but as public assets for all Americans.

Together we can do it.

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Find out about Dr. Fred Bannister''s background in medicine and managed care.

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Read table of contents, sample chapter and excerpts from Health Security America: Fixing the health care crisis. You can order the book on-line, too.

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