My Prostate Gland And Why Should I Have An Examination

My Prostate Gland And Why Should I Have An Examination

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Most men will find that when they get into their thirties and beyond they will be advised to go through a prostate exam when they visit a doctor for a health and physical check up.This may set off alarm bells in the mind of many men who may have heard stories which raise some concerns and they may need to be reassured that it is not as bad as they think before they feel ready to agree.

For a lot of men there is a fundamental fear that someone else might insert something in places that are very private and these are concerns they have held all their lives.One of their worries is that by having such an exam suggested for them it may suggest they are getting old and even middle aged and this doesn’t sit well with a lot of men.

Secondly there is the feeling that this is an invasion of the privacy of your own body in a most intimate of ways. Well, it is an invasion of the privacy of your body but then so is surgery and we don’t get bothered about that if you ignore the risks and need an operation for treatment.

I know you may feel uncomfortable and not be your most enjoyable experience but get over it because it could save your life.. Having your prostate exam is good for your long term health and this will either be reassuring or will help discover get treatment if there are any problems discovered.

I expect you will be wondering what is involved in the examination and what goes on when you turn up for the exam so here is a quick run through showing what you might expect to find when you have the check. Your doctor will most likely explain to you that the way they carry out this exam is a finger must be inserted into the rectum to feel the prostate gland.

To make this procedure quick and simple it is best for the patient to face away from the doctor with his feet slightly apart beside the examination couch and then leaning over onto it. The doctor will equip themselves protective latex surgical gloves and proceed to lubricate their fingers with a slippery substance.

Once the finger is inserted a pressure sensation will be felt but there should be little discomfort and the more you can relax the easier it will be. The direction of the inserted finger is in the direction of your stomach at an angle in an attempt at feeling any abnormality of your prostate.

It is usual for your doctor to wait a moment or two for the external sphincter muscle to relax before proceeding further. They may move their finger around a little which you may feel before it is removed and the doctor usually forewarns you that they are about to remove it.

You might want to know more and to find out more details about the procedure there are prostate exam videos available showing an examination being carried out and what the prostate exam doctor should be feeling for.

A prostate exam has a serious purpose and it is suggested because the risks of developing prostate cancer as you grow older and this is the quickest and simplest way to examine the prostate gland for any abnormality.

You may find this a surprising exam and wonder what it is your doctor may be trying to find by feeling inside your body in this way. A normal and healthy prostate would be something like the size of a walnut and roughly triangular shaped having a rubbery feel to it but feeling firm.

The examination of your prostate gland is an important part of any physical examination for men over a certain age. The exam may leave you feeling a little uncomfortable and you will know you have experienced something unusual but it is well worthwhile as a test to expose any unwanted growth in and around your prostate gland.

Understanding how important it is to discover unusual behaviour or size of the gland you should be happy to accept that you should have this examination carried out. Choosing not to have an examination carried out you could quite possibly have cancer developing without anyone knowing about it.

Early diagnosis of prostate cancer usually leads to a high rate of success in the treatment of the cancer so an early discovery could save your life all thanks to a prostate exam.

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