100* Weather and Clean Eats

100* Weather and Clean Eats

Hey! Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday! I’ve been studying and working on homework all day. Gotta love summer school! I didn’t go to class yesterday because I woke up not feeling too hot. When I went back today, I asked a guy in my class for his notes so I could copy them since we have a quiz tomorrow. Then, the teacher decides to inform us that not only do we have a quiz tomorrow, but we will also have a quiz Monday, Tuesday, and then of course, our second exam Tuesday night! Talk about a testing overload! Luckily, the material on the quizzes is what we’re going to be tested over so it’s not like I’ll be studying for totally different things. I usually go home on Thursday to work on Friday morning, but since my nephew is having a birthday party Sunday, I won’t be able to come back to my apartment until later in the day, so I will probably stay at my apartment until Saturday morning so I can study as much as I can. It’s so hard for me to study at home because my mom babysits my nieces and nephew, and they are all under the age of 4 so there is definitely too much fun happening to make any studying possible. I love them so much though! They are the most entertaining kids ever! My niece Isabella definitely acts like she is a teenager, and she’s not even 4 yet! So sassy!

I had mentioned yesterday that I was trying to clean up my diet, and joining Chef Katelyn in her Eat Clean Sweat Dirty challenge. I’m happy to report that my eats have been sooo much better than before, and today, I didn’t even have trouble waking up in the morning!! For the past few weeks, it has been a chore to get up in the mornings, but surprisingly, this morning I couldn’t fall back asleep! I love how making small changes, like eating healthier and exercising, can help you not feel so tired! Definitely a big motivator to keep up with my clean eats! As promised, I have pictures of what I had yesterday:


1 c Peanut butter balls cereal from Whole Foods with 1 c almond milk and 1/2 banana. I forgot to take a picture. Oops!


Overnight oats: 1/3 c oats, 1/3 greek yogurt, 1/2 banana. Toppings are organic strawberries, organic peach, and honey roasted Pb.

SF vanilla iced latte

Snack (after workout):

Vega tropical tango protein shake mixed with almond milk. I was going to eat the cucumber, but I decided to save it for another time.


Sweet potato, Dr. Praegers italian veggie burger (that I clearly couldn’t wait to dig into to), broccoli, and green beans with balsamic drizzled on top. So good! This is something that you guys will probably see a lot because it’s one of my favorite meals, and so easy to throw together.

After dinner snack:

Fage greek yogurt mixed with PB2, cinnamon, and stevia. Topped with some Naked granola.

Along with my healthy eats, I also guzzled a lot of water, and some diet watermelon green tea! Gotta stay hydrated!

For my workout yesterday, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, then I came home and got my butt kicked by Jillian Michaels. I did her Yoga Meltdown workout, and it definitely made me sweat! I also did The Fitnessista’s ab burner. I LOVE it! It has tightened my tummy!! Wooo!! Also, earlier this week, I did one of her summer shape up workouts, and guess what? I’m not bulking!! I know this is dumb, but I’ve always felt that whenever I started lifting weights, my body would automatically start bulking! I hated it! I should have realized though that it also had to do with what I ate. Of course if I’m eating junk, too many calories, and lifting, my body isn’t going to tone up! I really like the results I’m getting with the little bit of weights I’m adding into my routine.


Is it just scorching hot in Oklahoma or are other people dealing with terribly hot summers? I usually don’t mind the heat that much because I’m used to it, but it just feels worse this summer than last summer. I seriously step outside, and I start sweating! Maybe I just have a problem? But seriously, it has been in the 100* all week. I was going to go run outside tonight, but the coolest it’s going to get is 97*. Um no thanks. I really don’t want to die in the heat. I’ll just have to get up earlier tomorrow so I can go run. It’s just not worth going outside when it’s this hot to work out when there’s a gym really close my apartment.

What are your go to workouts?

What healthy meals do you enjoy in the summer?

Later guys!


Haha I love them so much!