The Follow-Up and Management of Depression in Primary Care

The Follow-Up and Management of Depression in Primary Care

Careful follow-up and monitoring are essential for depression treatment in order to achieve recovery and prevent recurrence. This course describes guidelines and strategies for clinical management of adult cases of depression that are treated in the primary care setting. Recommended timing and content of follow-up appointments, patient education throughout treatment, management of side effects, strategies for promoting treatment adherence, and tips for co-management with mental health professionals are all addressed. The course emphasizes treating depression as a chronic condition and how primary care physicians can avoid common problems in management of depression.

Objectives: After completing this course you will be able to
  • Discuss the importance of clinical management for depression symptom remission as well as the prevention of relapse and recurrence
  • Effectively monitor depression symptoms, side effects, and treatment adherence, and identify useful tools and techniques for monitoring in your practice
  • Evaluate patient progress and problems (including adverse effects of medications) in order to know when to adjust treatment
  • Educate patients about depression management strategies, and help patients participate in their own depression management
  • Identify ways to improve co-management with mental health specialists and provide more integrative care
Audience: Healthcare Providers

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