Prevent Heart Disease By Exercise

Prevent Heart Disease By Exercise

Medical research indicates that there is evidence that exercising your heart is a very healthy thing to do. Regular activity for your heart will keep the heart and it’s muscles healthy and strong. By exercising consistently you decrease by about fifty percent the chances of you ever having a heart attack. Great news indeed about heart disease and exercise… the association between the two. Naturally if you have any concerns about your heart’s capacity to endure exercising, perhaps because of ill health or age… consult with your doctor first before prior to an exercise program.


Exercise has the inclination to boost your HDL (high density liproteins – good cholesterol.) HDL is able to pick up cholesterol from inside blood vessels and vacate it from the body. Alternatively LDL (low density lipoproteins – bad cholesterol) tends to stickto blood cell walls. This can block the flow of blood and cause one to have a stroke or heart attack. The resulting condition is well known as arteriosclerosis.

Benefits Of Exercise To Minimize Heart Disease Risk

Just as any other muscle in our body, your heart gets stronger by stimulation of it with exercise. Your heart’s power to pump blood as needed throughout the body, is directly dependent on the strength of the muscles of the heart. Exercising moderately just three to five times a week for about 30 minutes will certainly strengthen the heart and it’s muscles. Other benefits from regular exercise are: overall body endurance and strength which will also assist prevent damage to the body from strains such as falls; stress reduction which will relax you; augument the strength of your bones and thus lessen the chances you will develop osteoporosis.

Moderate to vigorous activity not only helps to prevent heart disease but also has a valuable affect to your brain and how good you feel. Walking quickly increases blood flow and oxygen levels throughout the body. Memory skills in the elderly, research have shown, were enhanced, by going for walks as part of their daily lifestyle.


Chemicals in the brain called endorphins are produced by just 20 to 30 minutes of intermediate activity. The brain produces endorphins that are the body’s natural pain relievers. To achieve metabolic results from exercise, you need a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes of steady physical activity. The majority of people have heard of the runner’s high… that is the result of the creation of endorphins. Should you experience any heart pains because of exercise that is an hint you are making your heart work to hard.

Maybe you did not know that heart disease and exercise, lack of exercise that is, have such a relationship as is revealed in this article. If you are what they call label a “couch potato” it may be time you became a bit more active… A lack of regular activity, greatly boosts your risk of stroke, heart attack. It is a fact… a bit of exercise on a consistent basis is better for your heart and your body than none at all. If you have any doubts about your heart’s health, check with your doctor, before going forward with an exercise program to prevent heart disease.