Healthy Diet Weight Loss Plan – Feel Better With a Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

Healthy Diet Weight Loss Plan – Feel Better With a Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

How''d you like to follow a healthy diet for weight loss?

Have you ever wondered about the side-effects of weight loss surgery and diet pills?

Losing weight quickly is the goal for many overweight people, but it is more important to lose weight at a safe and effective rate. One to two pounds per week or 4 to 8 pounds per month is a reasonable goal to set for weight loss.Facts

Weight loss diets cut about 500 calories from the diet every day. It takes 3500 calories to lose one pound on a weight loss diet. With a 500 calorie cut, weight loss equals one pound at the end of a seven day week.


A healthy weight loss program consists of diet and exercise together. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise every day or most days of the week will help burn off extra calories.


Weight loss diets must contain the vitamins and minerals that the body needs to remain healthy. A successful diet is one that includes a variety of foods from all the USDA Food...

If you''d, you''ve come in the right place at right time.

With a healthy diet weight loss plan you''ll feel better, look beautiful, will have a healthy life style with no surgery, no pills. It''s also easy to do with great results and consists real foods.

A healthy diet weight loss plan is all about consuming balanced food in proper way. Here is how you do it -

1. First give a deep thought what I''m going to say in the next sentence. If you understand fully the meaning of it, you''ll be miles ahead in losing weight while you feel better. Researchers have seen that you eat based on five basic instincts –. Hunger, satiety (means how much satisfied you feel after you eat), availability, familiarity &. Variety. So you must''ve a direct or indirect control over this five basic instincts and then you can also control what food you eat and how much. So next time you go to freezer keep away those high calorie foods out of reach ( may be even better if you don’t keep them at all) and keep foods with high fiber, fresh vegetables, non fat dairy products in front of you (based on control over basic instinct no. 3).

2. The next step wouldbe to select right kind of foods. Making them a daily part of your life will build a life long healthy life style. Make it a habit to have protein in whatever food you eat and cut down all fat and sugar foods. Start your lunch or dinner with a salad or vegetable soup and then protein followed by carbohydrate. Eat half cup of whole grain carbohydrates (like rice, pasta, beans) at last. This will bring you satiety in your foods as well as will lose weight while being totally healthy.

3. Have this kind of protein rich foods 4-5 times daily having three hours space in between and eat nothing at that time.

4. Learn to calculate how many calories you''ll take to reach your next weight loss goal. Using a calorie calculator, let’s say you find out that e your daily metabolic rate is 3500 calories. That means your body daily needs that amount of energy to go on. If you burn 150 calories daily through exercises, then add that calorie to it. If you want to loose 2 lbs in a week, then you must eat 100 calories less than your metabolic rate plus exercise calories. So it means that you''d consume meal of 1700 calories every day.

If you can follow this simple tips, you''re sure to lose weight with a healthy diet plan.I wish you great success to lose weight with a healthy diet plan and having a great healthy life style with better social and personal life.

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