All about how hemp protein can improve your life

All about how hemp protein can improve your life

It is a fact that hemp protein is the greatest source of protein in not only the plant kingdom, but from any source as well. Hemp protein has all the essential amino and fatty acids that we need to survive, as well as other benefits such as enzymes and healthy nutrients. We all know that hemp is good, but what are the best sources of hemp protein, and where can they be found?

Hemp seed oil and other hemp foods can be found in health stores across the world. People within the health industry know just how beneficial hemp is, so they carry many products containing hemp. There are a few who stay away from the plant due to its “negative connotation”, but they are missing out on the most nutritious protein in the world.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for in a store, so another alternative is to go online and buy from there. One of the most famous brands of hemp seed products is Nutiva, which sells such products as hemp protein powder, which can be easily mixed with any kind of milk or flavored drink. These organic products are all-natural and contain the full power of hemp seeds, and they are a great investment for anybody who has a serious interest in their personal health.

In regular stores, you may come across hemp seed cereals. Hemp cereal is great for people who want to have their protein in the morning, as it will be beneficial to you throughout the entire day. You usually do not have to look very far for hemp cereals, and they can be found in most grocery stores.

It does not matter much what kind of source you get your hemp protein from. The three main sources of hemp protein are hemp seeds (such as in cereals or packaged), hemp seed oil, and the hemp powder mentioned above. The more concentrated your source is, the more protein you will get, but you will see benefits no matter what, as long as you consume enough of the protein. To mix up your intake, you should eat a variety of cereals and oils, which will make taking hemp protein a lot more exciting and interesting.

Advanced Benefits of Hemp Protein

by Suzaku Kururugi - July 13th, 2009

Hemp seeds are known to contain the greatest amounts of protein in any plant species. Hemp protein is also advantageous for us for a number of other reasons, and it is apparent that the hemp seed has far more uses than just growing more hemp plants.

The protein from hemp helps balance the pH level of our bodies. Our bodies should be mostly neutral, leaning just a bit towards the basic side. However, our modern food creates an acidic pH inside our bodies, and this is inhibiting to growth and feeling good. Therefore, heightening the pH to its optimal level is a great aspect of hemp seeds.

Besides just the protein, hemp also has positive bacteria in it that assist in breaking down food and making use of the amino acids that result from the decomposition of proteins. Without these good bacteria, the protein we get from hemp seeds would be useless, as well as the nutrition from all the other foods we eat. It is amazing that seeds contain not only hemp protein, but these other important factors too.

Next is the fiber found in hemp. Just one full serving of hemp seeds has a huge amount of fiber, which is necessary for cleaning out the body. In addition, the fiber found in hemp seeds is the type that is harder to find, so hemp fills in a significant gap in our diets, not only with fiber but with other components as well.

For the athlete, there is nothing better you can eat than hemp seeds. There is a vast and concentrated blast of amino acids in every serving of hemp seeds, and these amino acids are vital towards developing new muscles and repairing them. Since they are in the proper ratios, you get the most benefit from the proteins, and the full potential of your body is unlocked.

To get the full benefits of hemp protein, the seeds should be as fresh as possible. Also, the seeds should come from organic hemp; when synthetic chemicals are used, the quality of the seeds decreases considerably. This is unacceptable for someone who is serious about being healthy, so if you are going to use hemp seeds, make sure to use the best ones on the market.

Hemp Protein Explained

by Suzaku Kururugi - July 13th, 2009

Protein is one of the vital things that we need to get from food, but not all protein is created equal. Different foods contain different kinds of proteins. All protein is made up of amino acids, and proteins often differ in what amino acids constitute them. One meat might contain amino acids that another food does not, and vice versa. It is necessary for us to consume protein so that it can be broken down in to amino acids and rebuilt in to proteins we can use.

The great thing about hemp protein is that it contains all of the amino acids. Technically, you could subsist only on hemp seed based foods, and many people do enjoy the natural flavor that hemp seeds possess. In addition to the amino acids, hemp seeds also have all the essential fatty acids. Fatty acids are converted in to endocannabinoids, where they work within the endocannabinoid system to regulate all of the other systems in the body. You know how they say fish and other seafood is so good for you? This is because of the EFAs, which are present in the perfect ratios in hemp seeds. Also, around eighty percent of the fat from hemp seeds is unsaturated, which is the good type of fat. The specific fatty acids that comprise hemp seeds are linoleic acid and linolenic acid; these EFAs are not produced by the body, and therefore must be gotten from an outside source. As for the ratios, linoleic acid should be consumed at least twice as much as linolenic acid, and there is a slightly greater than two-to-one ratio in hemp seeds.

If that weren’t enough, hemp seeds are also perfect in other ways as well. They have the proper ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids (three-to-one), and it has a rare acid known as gamma-linolenic acid, which is important for balancing hormones.

Hemp seeds also contain a large amount of globulin edistin, which has the enzymes necessary for the breakdown of and rebuilding of proteins. Without these enzymes, the protein you got from food would not be able to be converted in to anything useful.

There truly is nothing else in the plant kingdom that comes close to all the benefits that hemp has. Hemp seeds are only one aspect of hemp, which can provide thousands of different products, all of which are as good or better than the synthetic things we use today.

by Suzaku Kururugi - July 13th, 2009

In this world of ours, people are subject to the affliction of literally thousands of diseases and conditions. Disease greatly inhibits those that it affects, and causes unimaginable amounts of pain. Due to this, the world is constantly investing in new ways to fight disease, and rightly so. However, a panacea is actually within reach, and it comes from an illegal plant.

For over ten thousand years (and possibly much longer), cannabis has been one of the most useful plants for mankind. It has provided food, medicine, industry, and even spiritual influence, and for much of its history it was the number one medicinal plant. Science has also proven that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the chief psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth. There are also sixty other therapeutic cannabinoids in cannabis, all which work within our endocannabinoid systems, the superregulatory system that maintains homeostasis in everything else (as explained by Dr. Robert Melamede).

So what does this have to do with curing disease? A man named Rick Simpson discovered that concentrated cannabis extracts, collectively known as hemp oil, can cure anything if produced and administered properly. Between 2003 and 2006, Rick gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars of hemp oil for free, and found that anything he came across could be easily cured. This includes terminal cancer, MS, diabetes, arthritis, pain disorders, autoimmune disorders, mental disorders, and infections. It also greatly accelerates the healing of physical wounds, and eliminates the pain from even a third-degree burn. Many people have replicated Rick’s results with amazing success, and this does go far beyond one man.

The science that exists supports all these results. Disease is essentially an imbalance of some sort somewhere in the body, and being that the endocannabinoid system can restore balance, it makes sense that a natural medicine which works within this system could cure most problems. Just smoking cannabis has been shown to alleviate all kinds of things, so it also is sensible that a more powerful and pure version of this medicine could do much more. The proof is right in front of us; nobody has ever gotten cancer from smoking cannabis, even though the smoke does contain carcinogens. Dr. Donald Tashkin of UCLA suggested in his famous report that there “may even be some protective effect [from smoking cannabis].”

If you want to look in to this for yourself, visit PhoenixTears, as well as Rick’s page on Also, watch the documentary Run From the Cure.

The Uses for Industrial Hemp

by Suzaku Kururugi - July 13th, 2009

Hemp is by far the most versatile plant on the face of the Earth. If people knew how much could be accomplished with it, there would be outright riots for it not being fully taken advantage of. Hemp can be used for literally thousands of things, and its total utilization could actually save the planet.

The seeds from the hemp plant are the most nutritious in the plant kingdom. It contains all the essential amino and fatty acids in the proper ratios for the human body. Due to this, hemp seed oil and other seed products are an ideal staple food, and the ultimate food for any health enthusiast.

Parts of the hemp plant can be converted to fuel via a method called pyrolysis. Hemp is better than corn for fuel because you do not need to sacrifice food for fuel, as the part of hemp that is edible is only the seeds. Also, because hemp grows in such abundance, you can get a lot of fuel from only one acre of hemp, and it is carbon neutral, since it removes CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows.

Essentially anything that can be made from a tree can be made from hemp. This includes paper and building materials, which requires hundreds of thousands of trees to be destroyed every year. If tree products were replaced with hemp, then forests could be saved, and trees could be greatly conserved.

The number one thing that people associate hemp with is actually one of the least important uses, although it still is critical to the functioning of industries. The product being referred to is rope and twine, as well as a multitude of other textile products such as cloth and tarp. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world, so products made from hemp are also very durable and long lasting, a quality which is important to everyone.

If you start listing off the individual products that hemp is good for, you will come up with a list over twenty five thousand items long. Think about how many natural resources could be saved if only hemp was used; since it is renewable, it does not matter how much of it you cut down. We cannot say the same for trees, which are precious natural resources that must be conserved with all the power we have.

by Suzaku Kururugi - July 12th, 2009

Hello! You should feel very fortunate for coming across this website, as it will teach you the true powers of the hemp plant and how you can use it to improve your own life. Hemp protein is the greatest protein out there, so get as much of it as you can!

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