School Clinics Get $95 Million Federal Boost HealthDest

School Clinics Get $95 Million Federal Boost  HealthDest

School Clinics Get $95 Million Federal Boost

More than 275 school districts, clinics, and hospitals that run school-based health centers nationwide learned Thursday that they had won a share of $95 million in federal grant money that will allow them to reach hundreds of thousands more patients, many of whom live in low-income communities.

The centers, which now serve 790,000 patients, will be able to boost their overall capacity by 440,000 patients with the grants, federal officials said as they announced the recipients. The

were chosen from 356 applicants through a program created by last year’s

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan hailed the grants as potentially life-changing for some students, and noted his own experience with more!Article source:

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