Professional Makeup Tips

Professional Makeup Tips
tips on professional makeup

Professional Makeup Tips

Professional makeup tips !
Do not just have a wonderful makeup kit purse. To use cosmetics in your favor you need to follow some rules.
First of all:
* Fechadinhos Poros can improve visual. Therefore, before applying the base, it is recommended to pass ice or cold water on his face.
“The low temperature helps in retaining the makeup, the result of makeup on the skin becomes more interesting and more beautiful face.”
* The goal is to give equality to the skin. A sponge helps in the process.
* Around the eyes, it is best to apply liquid foundation, powder is for the rest of the face. * For smooth skins, without spines and with few marks of expression, based on the bat is the most appropriate.
* For women who have strong brands and pimples, you can keep baby skin, passing the sponge net basis at the base powder and apply on face. The color chosen should be the closest possible to the skin tone.
* You should avoid exaggeration base not to get extremely artificial or create thick layers, in addition to being attentive to the validity of the products.
* One trick. Pull your eyes like a oriental, thus has more firmness in the area that will be passed the pencil.
* The common is that women fill the lid with the black pencil. “But for a dramatic effect, one tip is to use the final region of the eye, near the nose, a white pencil, silver or pearl.
* In the upper eyelid near the nose, bright colors are used, and the outer region, darker shades. At the end, the shadow should form a gradient. During the day the woman should opt for light shadows and forget the shadows with glitter …
* The color chosen must also be in harmony with the clothing and should avoid exaggeration forever.

Professional Makeup Tips !


* Must be passed from inside to the outside of the lashes. For best effect, the ideal is that both hands are always waiting for the first to dry. If the first hand is moist can form crusts and blur the inner eye area.
“The qualifying bet makeup products are waterproof. They are great to prevent the make be blurred before the party to end. “

* Gives more expression to his lips, and can tune them or increase them. For makeup complete, three points should be noted.
Colors: can be chosen according to the outfit; if the item is to skin color, we suggest: clear women on a daily basis, use light colors and dark skin, dark tones of abuse. For the evening, you can use any shade.
Thick lips: thin-lipped women should define the lip contour with a pencil to mouth, the color that has a warmer tone than that used in the rest of the lips. Thus, the lips give the impression of being larger. Those who have full lips should not make the outline and need to be careful with the excess lipstick not to form plaques and the visual become exaggerated.
Lipstick on paper: Do not tighten the lipstick to her lips for no excesses. The lipstick should give the woman a delicate and feminine air without letting it ordinary. For the lips become sequinhos and without excess lipstick, you can put a piece of napkin between his lips and opening and closing the mouth, so that the excess skirt.
“The main time to apply makeup is to not overdo the colors, the quantity of products and spend naturalness”
“The makeup should be a device to give a shine to the female face, without hiding the natural beauty of every woman.”
Those were the Professional Makeup Tips today !

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