IBS ~ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS ~ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nearly one third of all Americans suffer from digestive disorders. Those affected spend billions of dollars each year on over the counter products without finding true relief from their symptoms and really only making matters worse. Truth is, IBS is not a disease that is diagnosed and can be cured with any single drug or one time treatment. It has taken us years to go through this routine combined with many different dietary changes and tears to come to what we feel is a good sustainable life. Our interest in IBS if far more than just informational, it is quite personal. The information you will find under the topic of IBS is a combination of years of research, lots of trial and error and full of real life experiences from IBS many sufferers. It is our hope that we can help you and/or someone close to you not just suffer through life but find and sustain a quality, pain free life.

Here are some quick things we''ve noticed that are helpful to get started in the right direction:

1 - As many IBS sufferers know - the majority of doctors have been unable to treat IBS effectively. One factor that contributes to this is that most people are embarrassed to discuss all their symptoms. Another factor is that some doctors may think that many of the symptoms are either in the patients head or possibly an over reaction, thus most of the causes and symptoms go unnoticed.

2 - The symptoms of IBS range from mild but chronic episodes of diarrhea or constipation to extreme levels of inability to eat most foods along with abdominal bloating and possible vomiting. To rule out other serious illness make sure your doctor runs a comprehensive series of tests. While it is difficult to pin point IBS, it is in your best interest to rule out other possible medical issues.

3 - Finding a doctor that is willing to work with your symptoms takes a good hard look at your own body. It is critical to write down exactly what is going on and convey that openly and honestly. The more history and information you have about yourself and your condition, and the more involved you stay, the more the doctor will have to go on and will confirm to him your true symptoms and conviction to your health.

4 - Most of the time you will be referred to a Gastroenterologist because it may be beyond your primary’s scope, this doctor works specifically with your digestive tract. Some GI doctors are quick to dismiss you with a paper prescribing a new pill, some will listen to you and want “to do more testing”, while a good few will dig deep into your symptoms and get to the heart of the matter. Doctors that we have come to know who have been of the most benefit to many with IBS patients have been those with a Naturopathic background. The first thing they usually test for is food sensitivities and allergies. This is because a Naturopath takes on a whole body approach, not just chasing symptoms. This approach has a far deeper reach into the IBS patient.

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