Health Benefits of Proteins for women

Health Benefits of Proteins for women

Proteins are the vital structural and functional building blocks of every cell in your body. Interesting point to be noted, each protein itself is made up of a variety of smaller components known as amino acids. It is essential for overall health and provides energy. One needs to get enough protein daily to support body, growth and of course maintenance.


Proteins for women- most essential nutrient

Generally every-one have experienced it. After a week of rigorous workout and dieting and Tupperware containers full of broccoli, brown rice, chicken, etc… that you feel an uncontrollable urge to stray from your carefully planned meal. You measured and weighed all the meals but, alas, you can hear ice cream and pasta calling your sweet name. After that it turns out, that voice could be especially loud if you’re a woman. According to a case study published in the ‘International Journal of Eating Disorders’, especially women tend to crave all sugary sweet snacks like ice-cream, chocolate and donught. Men, on the other hand, generally prefer to sink their teeth into a well marbled house. Women seem to lack protein in their diets, even when it comes to tiny cheat meals! A lack of protein can be bit problematic for anyone, but it is especially troubling for women in the gym. While your body needs carbs and healthy fats for energy, it is essential for tissue growth. If you’re in the gym knocking out tough sets of squats and Romanian deadlifts, a lack of protein in the diet can hinder your body’s ability to recover and grow!

Importance of Protein

The reasons for adding more protein to your diet plan are numerous. Out of the 20 amino acids that make up protein, nine are really essential. “Essential” means that your body can’t manufacture these aminos by itself. The only way they can be consumed is in food. Dietary protein always supplies the building blocks of muscle tissue. Each time you hit the gym for a workout, you break your muscle tissues. You actually build them outside the gym. With proper protein in-take, amino acids come to the rescue of your damaged muscle, then repairing those tissues so they grow back even stronger.

Key Benefits of Proteins for women

Boosts your immune system

Oh, the wonders of whey. If you choose to add whey protein powder to your diet, you will be taking in more than muscle-building strength gains. You may get an immune boost, as well.

Helps you burn calories more too fast

If you’re constantly ravenous throughout the day, you are probably not eating enough protein at every meal.Protein has the highest thermic effect of food (TEF), which is the amount of calories it takes your body to process and utilize the nutrients. At (20-35)%, protein has the highest TEF. This means that your body actually uses 20-35 percent of the energy from protein consumed just to digest and absorb it! Out of every 100 calories you get from protein, 25-30 are definitely burned in the digestion process. Since your body expends more energy to process proteins than it does to digest carbohydrates and fats, person who consume more protein throughout the day might see faster fat-loss results than person on a lower-protein diet plan.

Safeguards against the loss of muscle

As your caloric intake drops, and carbohydrates and fats become scarce on a strict diet, there’s a high chance that your body will turn to incoming protein for energy, this leaves less protein for all bodily functions. If insufficient amino acids are present, your body will gradually start breaking down muscle tissue to get individual aminos. For you, this could mean either a loss in muscle or a slower resting metabolism. Protect against it by prioritizing the intake of protein!

Stabilizes your energy levels + appetite

If you’re constantly ravenous throughout the day, you’re probably not eating sufficient protein at every meal. Protein takes longer to break down and digest as compared to carbohydrates. This slow digestion time means you’ll stay fuller longer and keep hunger at bay, making it really easier to hit your caloric intake and macros for body weight maintenance.

Intake of Proteins, for women

PROTEINS = 4 calories per gram (15 – 20% of daily calories)

The maintenance, repair and growth of muscle after intense physical activity is the primary function of protein. A proper balance of plant and animal protein will also help your body maintain proper enzymes and hormones necessary for intense training programs. For team sport athletes 1.2- to 1.7- grams of protein per kilogram of body weight will put you in a range to reach a

Positive nitrogen balance.

Protein Supplements

Protein is an essential nutrient that your body needs to function properly. It enables your body to perform many vital functions and offers multiple health benefits. It is an absolutely essential part of a person’s health and without it human life could not continue. Everyone needs protein supplements on a regular basis. Athletes need more because they do intense workout and so as burn more calories. Often it seems to be difficult to eat enough protein containing foods on a regular basis to get the enough amounts needed. This is where supplements are important. Basically, protein supplements are designed to provide the body with additional food and nutritional requirements, in order to compensate an unbalanced diet. You can buy protein powder online at your leisure, regardless of your time zone. A Protein Supplement must be combined with the proper diet and workouts in order to get more effective results.

Myths about Protein

One of the reasons that some women shy away from protein is because they believe only in the myths. Clear up confusion by separating the actual fact from fiction.




Thus, here by we conclude that Protein is the most important nutrient for women. Also try not using Protein supplements but to consume more protein in your food itself, well it’ll be much more effective than using supplements and food is fresh and tasty too!!