Feet often cramped, what causes it? is there any way to improve?

Feet often cramped, what causes it? is there any way to improve?


Feet often cramped, what causes it? is there any way to improve?
question:Foot often jerky, what is caused? What method can reform?
anwser:Muscle convulsion is the cramp that common weighs, because muscle arises,it is not from rigidity is contractive, in daily life, when moving especially, often see,
Especially a few long campaign or swim. When happen, muscle is hard
, ache is intolerable, often cannot alleviate immediately, processing can be not caused more at that time
Sarcous injury, accordingly, we should have sufficient knowledge to its, understand
Processing technique, avoid the happening of muscle convulsion then, fall harm lowest.

One, cause the cause with muscle common convulsion:

1.Fatigue: When the body is fatigue, normal physiology function can change sarcous,
Right now muscle can have many lactic acid accumulation, and the thorn with can ceaseless lactic acid
Muscle convulsion.

2. electrolyte is lopsided: A large number of motion is medium perspiring, special in burning hot gas
Await below, can have many electrolyte prediction of a person''s luck in a given year. The bases of sweat is water
With salt, and salt and muscle systole are concerned, the salt with overmuch prediction of a person''s luck in a given year can make flesh
Fleshy excitement causes cramp.

The stimulation of 3. chill: In chilly climate, when swimming for example, get cold
The stimulation of water, especially warm-up is sufficient without preparation, muscle produces convulsion easily, main reason is muscle the meeting is stimulant because of chill add
Tall be caused by.

2, processing technique:

When 1. happening is jerky, not nervous, be checked first and decide the muscle of where
Generation convulsion, try to handle in the muscle that is aimed at here.

When convulsion of 2. happening muscle, want only normally to contrary directional drawing convulsion
muscle, make spin, general ache can get alleviating. Place
Heat preservation should notice when manage, drawing wants forcibly even, force of avoid by all means, with
Avoid cause sarcous to be pulled.

When convulsion of 3. abdominal muscle, can do back extend to move in order to spin abdominal muscle,
The hot compress that still can undertake abdomen and massage.

When convulsion of 4. crus muscle, but unbend knee joint, tick off a tiptoe at the same time double
Hand handholding foot exerts oneself to do sth. up drawing can.

5. swims medium happening when muscle convulsion cannot alarmed, can suck first at a heat,
Yang Fuwu surface, consistent namely ask for help, the method that saves oneself in water is to use
A side hand that does not have cramp handholds jerky toe, forcibly to the body square
To pull, on the knee that presses jerky leg with the palm of jerky a side at the same time
, help the unbend of knee joint, after waiting for convulsion to alleviate, swimming to slowly