Dr. Sears L.E.A.N.

Dr. Sears L.E.A.N.

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It takes nine months to grow a baby and 18 years to raise a child, yet most moms spend the majority of their time during pregnancy preparing only for their baby’s delivery.

Each year thousands of women face complications during pregnancy and/or delivery due to a lack of knowledge about proper prenatal care. Good health for mother and baby begins before conception and continues well after delivery.

L.E.A.N. Expectations are workshops that provide pregnant and nursing mothers with current education, resources and strategies in the four areas of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. These 4 areas work together to make healthier moms and babies during pregnancy and throughout all stages of life.

These two-hour workshops provide an opportunity for expecting and nursing women to connect and build relationships with others while learning practical ways to positively impact the health of both mother and baby before, during and after pregnancy. L.E.A.N. Expectations is based up on research and was developed by “America’s Pediatrician,” and best-selling author, Dr. William Sears, in collaboration with their experts in fields of nutrition, health, and parenting.

What does it mean to have a L.E.A.N. pregnancy?
L.E.A.N. isn’t about being “skinny.” it’s about being healthy!

Moms who practice L.E.A.N. are more likely to:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy
  • Deliver healthier babies
  • Experience less complicated labors
  • Have a faster and smoother recovery from birth
  • Avoid pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, toxemia, anemia, leg cramps, heartburn and obesity

Babies born to moms who practice L.E.A.N. are more likely to:

  • Be born at a healthy weight
  • Not be born premature
  • Have fewer congenital defects
  • Show better brain growth
  • Not be overweight as adults

HEALTHY snacks will be provided (and recipes given out) in each class.

Prepare RIGHT Now – Preparing Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

It is never too early to begin positively impacting your child’s health. Make a healthy new beginning for you and your baby today!

Learn about:

  • Stages of pregnancy and how to create a healthy womb environment for your baby.
  • Simple exercises to relieve stress and increase the likelihood of an easier delivery and faster recovery.
  • Preparing for the emotional, hormonal and physical changes your body will experience during pregnancy.
  • How your attitude directly affects your pregnancy & the health of your baby; plus, the benefits of developing a strong support system.

The strategies you will learn in this class will help you create and maintain a healthy, satisfying lifestyle throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.

Eat RIGHT Now – Food and Your Pregnancy

Enhance your baby’s growth and brain development, as well as minimize future health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Learn about:

  • Eating for two and healthy weight gain.
  • Cravings – what they really mean and why we have them.
  • Protecting your baby by avoiding certain foods and additives.
  • Healthy substitutions and nutrient dense foods.
  • Eating solutions for pregnancy sickness.

The strategies you will learn in this class will help you before, during and after pregnancy. Plus, enjoy delicious snacks (recipes included) and the fellowship of other mothers-to-be.

Live RIGHT Now – Transitioning from Pregnancy to Motherhood

It takes nine months to grow a baby, but only seconds to become a parent. Are you ready?

Learn about:

  • How to create a strong bond with your baby.
  • Ways to help Dad embrace his new role.
  • Methods for comforting your baby.
  • How to get adequate rest.
  • The importance of proper nutrition while breastfeeding.
  • A healthy balance of caring for yourself and your family.
  • Ways to nurture relationships and reconnect with your spouse.
  • How to make decisions on sleeping arrangements.
  • How to drop those unwanted pregnancy pounds quickly
  • Why TLC for new moms is so important.

The strategies your will learn in this class will help you make a smooth transition into parenthood. There will be opportunities to discuss concerns and learn tips from other mothers in the class. There is also time set aside to discuss baby wearing and to try on different carriers.

Cost: $30 for a single class or $80 if participant registers for all three classes at the same time.

Classes are held at the Pregnancy and Wellness Center of Parker. Please visit their website to register.

To register for all 3 classes call 303-947-4783 or email Beth.

Materials are provided.