Corporate Health Promotion Program: Monitor and Review Your Corporate

Corporate Health Promotion Program: Monitor and Review Your Corporate

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Program assessment may be The last step, but it should be planned at the beginning
of your efforts! Evaluation helps you identify what parts of the program are
working well and what parts could use improvement. Then, based on the assessment
data, adjustments have the potential to be made to fine-tune your wellness program.
Adjusting the program based on assessment data is vital to its continued success.

Analyzing your program does not have to be be terribly complex. However, it
is valuable to plan how you will oversee your wellness efforts and determine
success during the planning phase or Step 5. Also remember to evaluate the program
based on the goals/objectives you already identified during your drafting process.

In order to evaluate your program you must have a system to document specifics
as you progress. This can be as simple as maintaining file folders on programs
that are available, or a computer document with a table or spreadsheet summarizing
information collecting. Consider:

  • Program topic and numbers of workers who participated
  • The numbers of pamphlets taken by workers or distributed and on what topics
  • The number of participants in a behavior modification program and how many
    met their goals/objectives as well as how many attended all of the sessions
  • Numbers of workers who continued the healthy behavior modification following
    the program?
  • Overall employee satisfaction with the program or each topic.

Depending on your goals/objectives, gather desired data and compare it to previous
data gathered during the initial assessment to determine if the goals/objectives
were met. Such data might include

  • Absentee rates
  • Injury rates
  • Health risk factors Insurance costs

Summarize and Report Corporate Health Promotion Program Results

Once you have collected all of the assessment information it needs to be reviewed
with the Corporate Health Promotion Program Committee and summarized. You will
probably have beneficial results and some areas where a change is necessitated
or additional focus necessitated for continuous improvement. This not-so beneficial
information can be used to make any necessitated changes as well as to plan
for next year and is valuable to include in your report.

It is valuable to communicate the wellness program results to both management
and workers. Consider how management usually receives reports on operations
and productivity problems and include the annual wellness program report in
the same format. At some employers the reports are made during management gatherings
using presentation styles such as power point slides. At other employers, graphs
and bar charts are the norm or a list of the objectives and the summary outcomes

No matter the format, it’s valuable to convey the outcomes and successes
achieved, including any anecdotal stories, as well as areas for improvement.
Be sure to link the outcomes to the company mission and bottom line whenever

Staff Members desire to receive the same information! Consider using the same
communication channels used when informing workers of the wellness program:

  • Employer newsletters,
  • Bulletin boards,
  • E-mails

Also consider celebrating successes and recognizing achievements by:

  • Posting pictures from activities
  • Highlighting success stories
  • Posting pictures of successes
  • Scheduling a celebration
  • Recognizing champions