Climbing the Mountain of a Hallelujah Lifestyle Change

Climbing the Mountain of a Hallelujah Lifestyle Change

Climbing the Mountain of a Hallelujah Lifestyle Change

Don’t we all just love a mountain top view? Well, when we drive a car up to the top, it was an easy journey wasn’t it? However, when we are at the bottom and are toting a back pack – well, that is a different “animal” (excuse the pun) of a different color. It sure is high up there. There are a lot of trees, stumps and high pitches we have to climb over and its hot outside, we’re thirsty and there are no public bathrooms. We sure can whine can’t we? I want you to look at the bright side! The journey would look a whole lot harder if you were an ant!

So many people try to start the Hallelujah Lifestyle and think they are climbing Mt. Everest (as an ant). After 8 ½ years on this lifestyle, I can tell you that the planning ahead with menu’s and being prepared (like a good Scout) really makes all the difference in the world. Does this sound like you? You thumb through the multitudes of raw books or recipes you own, you get motivated; you set out to accomplish this splendid dish to surprise your mate; you start the recipe and ½ way through you are missing some ingredients. What do you do – call Sherry? Hmmm, doesn’t always work – the lady is quite busy! Well, I want to encourage you in some ways to be more prepared so this won’t sound like your biography.

Here’s how you climb up the Mountain of a Hallelujah Lifestyle Change

MENU PLANNING - Start by planning your weeks’ menus. This simple step will enable you to plan ahead. Bible Study every Monday? Well, block that night off or make some quick sandwich or better yet, how about a healthy green smoothie? Quick and easy and nutritious. Still working? Make two cooked dishes on the weekend and plan for it twice during the week and freeze the leftovers. The cooked foods are what takes the most time. Whatever you make for dinner at night, the leftovers can be used for lunch the next day. These simple planning skills will make the weeks food preparation easier. Here is a sample of what our menu plan sheet looks like.

(Click here to download the above Excel Spreadsheet so you can use it at home!)

Each week, make out your Menu Plan and label the week. Week l, Week 2, etc. Save them for 8 weeks. On Week 9, you start back at Week 1 and the work is already done for you. If you do this right and keep adding new recipes each week, you will have a wonderful variety of foods to enjoy and you won’t get into a boring “mountain hike” of lugging the same old back pack, drinking out of the same old canteen and wearing dirty sneakers. You will have 2 months of variety and will only need to make minor changes to the menu when you start round two. This Works!! Just do the work once and reap the benefits of planning ahead.

Always eat some raw living foods first – to get the enzymes activated in your digestive system. Now start climbing into new recipes and start adding new ones to your menu plan each week. This will create variety and that variety will make it so you don’t crave other foods (usually the bad stuff).

Don’t drink with your meals and not for one hour afterwards. You do not want to dilute your digestive enzymes in your mouth (first stage of digestion). Your body will work less if you follow this rule and will digest more efficiently.

PROPER TOOLS – All new “hobbies” require a start up cost. Changing your lifestyle is no different. But after 8 ½ years of doing this, we have not had to buy anything in 6.5 years. We bought a good Juicer, Food Processor, VitaMix and Dehydrator, some measuring cups and spoons, some recipe books and a few kitchen gadgets. Now all I buy is fruits and veggies. The longer you do this lifestyle change, the easier it becomes.

SUPPORT SYSTEM – Join a support group (or start one). Find local people who want to learn to eat healthier. Start a healthy dinner club once a month. We all have an area of influence in our lives and what we do can have an impact on others. Utilize the “healthy thinkers and doers” in your community. Have Dave and I come and speak at your church or clubs to get you jump started. If you have come to our Lifestyle Center, contact the people you came with for prayer and support and encouragement. You have a built in life-line.

When you think the climb is too steep and you have a long way to go, remember to not give up and just take one day at a time. With each step forward you get closer to the top of your goal. Maybe you are tired, sick, feeling like you are all alone in this “climb.” The mountain looks SO high!! This is a journey – a new journey with the Lord. Philippians 1:6 says “Being confidant of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Jesus started you on this journey and He can complete the journey. The goal being renewed or optimal health. Each day is a new day, keep a positive can do attitude and watch that “mountain top” come in view sooner than you thought. Look! The Mountain Top – Victory at last. You made it – a new healthier you.