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Remedies are available for general health maintenance and problems in hens, turkeys, ducks, geese and game birds.

Energetic Testing - Feather Analysis

Is your flock experiencing health problems, such as low egg weights, poor production rates, low body weight, feather or vent pecking with no obvious cause?

When conventional diagnosis or medication has no more to offer we recommend that you test for chronic, underlying or undiagnosable problems & aid the flocks general health by boosting the immune system, with the Crossgates E.test, this is an energetic test, not a medical test. Holistic health philosophy believes there is a universal intelligence that governs every thing & that in each of us is an innate intelligence, which allows the body to heal its self naturally.

For example a doctor cannot heal a broken leg, but when the leg is reset & put in pot the innate intelligence within the body will heal the leg. It is believed that negative emotions such as fear, stress, diseases & general ailments are all caused by a disruption in the body''s energy system.

By re-balancing the body''s energy system we aid it to heal its self naturally. Analysis on the test machine is done by using a witness of the subject such as feather samples. The sample is tested for energetic imbalances, while this is happening the machine is also selecting the appropriate combination of remedies to give back to the subject.

The subject is being treated energetically & by bringing it back into energetic balance healing can take place. The test runs through 200 catagories including bacteria, virus, parasites, toxins, fungi, cardio, nutritional, respiratory, musculoskeletal, urinary, digestive, reproductive & all remedies.

As well as the test being used for general health & problems in flocks & herds it is also used for individual animals & humans. The test can be used to aid many health problems & forms a vital part of our Avian Health programme. Once the birds are on Avian Health a test is done every month.


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