Benefits of Healthy Food: Why you should Change your child’s Diet Now

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Adults readily embrace healthy eating habits, largely because of the health benefits they bring. In children, the benefits of healthy food are just as many, if not more. The healthier the food a child eats, the more complete their physical development becomes. One of the greatest benefits of healthy food in children is the development of strong bones and muscles. Both bones and muscles develop and grow until the age of 18. Maintaining a healthy diet is the key in making this possible. If the body does not absorb the right nutrients at these ages, the child is likely to develop osteoporosis and bone density problems later. Another of the most important benefits of healthy food is that it promotes and sustains ideal weight in a child. Keeping your child’s food natural and healthy will keep them from becoming overweight or underweight, thus helping them grow at the right weight for their age, height and gender. Both conditions (being over/underweight) are accompanied by great emotional strain and tons of health problems. You probably want to save your child from both. Optimal brain function is boosted by the intake of healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These contain nutrients such as Vitamins B6 & C and phosphorus, which are key for brain development. Depriving your child of these can lead to slackened mental alertness. Another of the benefits of healthy food is that it strengthens the immune system, helping the body resist illnesses and recover quickly in case of an attack. For this to happen, ensure that your child eats plenty of fruits, vegetables and dark green leafy veggies too. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which contain cancer fighting properties. Overall, the benefits of healthy food in children can be summarized as enhancement of physical and emotional development and lowering risk of developing of health conditions.

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